Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hawks 110 - Bucks 85, Or Where Joe-Freakin-Johnson Happens

I know, it was the Bucks, but still.  As Brett @ Hoopinion shows (as he does after each game) the Hawks managed a 1.209 in Off Eff and a 70.5 eFG% against a 9.6 FT Rate (!) and a 23.1 TO% (!!).  Plus, when's the last time we scored 115 on a team but only allowed 85 or so?  Those are the numbers we might have seen more frequently when we were one of the most offensively efficient teams in the league the past two years.  That's the stuff that gets you excited about this team, that get's your little fire burning inside, so more of that please.

I'll keep it short for now as I'm just getting this thing off the ground, but expect more in-depth recaps, reviews, etc. in the future.  But yeah, piano music, all I hear is piano music.

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