Saturday, April 2, 2011

New GT Basketball Coach Brian Gregory

Recently Georgia Tech hired Brian Gregory, formerly of Dayton, as their new men's basketball coach.  My first impression was that this was a safe hire.  Gregory is experienced and has been rather successful during his near decade long stint at Dayton.  It's definitely not a sensational hire that gets the fans all excited, but it's most assuredly a sensible hire, and that my friends is really what you want your AD to do.  Obviously there has been a small divide in fan opinion of the hire between those who wants the big splash and those who approved the lesser headline hire.

That being said, I do admit that when I first read about it, I thought that they could have attempted to go after one of the younger and more dynamic coaches.  I apologize, but that's the fan in me.  The reason for that thought though was based on some comments from D-Rad not long after letting Hewitt go.  To summarize, he essentially said that Hewitt's buyout would not affect the coaching search and that they would spend what they needed to get the right coach.  To me, that says that if they could pay Hewitt $1.8mil then they could surely pay someone like Anthony Grant something similar or better.  So, from that perspective, I understand why some fans expected something more.  I decided to hold off on a full opinion until the contract details were released, which didn't take long.

Gregory was making close to $200K at Dayton which means that GT wasn't going to offer him anywhere close to what they were paying Hewitt.  In fact, it ended up being a contract for six years worth $1mil per.  Color me officially impressed.  Not only does the lower annual salary offset some of Hewitt's buyout, but I'd say it's a great bang-for-the-buck type hire.

In a previous post I worked through a number of potential coaches' records to try and predict how successful they would be over twenty years if they maintained their current average production.  Brian Gregory is 172-94 through eights years.  That's 21.5 wins and 11.75 losses per year with a 9.75 W/L Diff.  Projected out to twenty years, that ends up being a 430-235 record.  That puts him behind Tubby Smith's current twenty year mark, as well as behind Anthony Grant's and Mike Anderson's projected twenty year numbers, but above all the others in that list.  Anderson and Grant would have cost us much more than $1mil per so it's easy to see that this was indeed an excellent hire.

D-Rad has continually impressed me with his vision for GT athletics and his decision making based on that vision.  He has definitely made his mark on the history of the program.  All that is left is for Gregory to follow through with his end of the deal.  Hopefully he will be able to recruit successfully in the talent rich city of Atlanta and bring an actually system that the fans can see a point in.  After suffering through the last five years of Hewitt, I'm sure just about anything Gregory does on the court will be refreshing.

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